Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Snowy Day

We awoke yesterday morning to a beautiful coat of snow on everything. Soon, it became apparent that the temperature was above freezing, and that if we were going to play in the snow, it had better be soon. So, after Carter was up and moving around, he and Lea headed out to the middle of Prospekt Svobody to make tracks with their shoes, to throw snowballs at trees, and to draw with a stick in the snow. While they played in the snow, L'viv residents looked at them as if they were aliens. After coming in, warming up and drying their clothes on the heaters, they headed back out to meet Thomas and Jani at Ivan Franko Park. Fortunately, the snow in the park was not melting as quickly as that on the main boulevard through town, so the boys were able to play in the snow. They built a snowman with some help from their moms, threw snowballs, chased crows, tried to climb trees, and had a wonderful time in the first snow of the year. There were a few people out, and even small children who had built another snowman, but the park was quite empty compared to most days. Perhaps Ukrainian children do not play in the snow as much as their American counterparts.

[Photos by Jani]

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Lea's Dad said...

Of course the Ukrainian children can't play in the snow...they are so overdressed they can barely move. If they stand still, looking like the kid from Christmas Story, they become covered with falling snow and are the snow people. I hope Lea and Carter will continue to be strange "aliens" enjoying playing in the snow. It is easier to do there than it is in Lawrence...