Saturday, October 31, 2009

This is Planet Earth

Last year, while Carter was enjoying the Halloween season in his Pac-Man power dot costume, he announced that next year, he would be Indonesia. We thought that he would forget about this choice, but he did not. When we finally figured out how to make an Indonesia costume, Carter faced a dilemma. Lea asked him what he was going to do about Papua New Guinea. He responded, with concern in his voice, "...and Singapore and Malaysia." Lea suggested: "Do you want to be the whole world?" Carter: "That's what I'm talking about!"

Carter has celebrated several Halloweens in 2009 - three parties (one at school), and two trick-or-treating ventures. The first Halloween was a costume birthday party that resulted in the loss of Antarctica. After repairs, he went to the dormitories at the university. Last year, he went to the all-women's residence halls and had quite a candy haul - 113 pieces from that trip alone. Different dormitories were participating this year, however. Upon his arrival, Carter surprised, amused, and impressed a young man at the door by asking "where are the college girls?" [Carter's interest in older women is primarily related to their generosity with candy.] Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), few students were participating and he collected far less. Since it took Carter an entire year to eat his Halloween candy from 2008 (he finished all of it days before the new holiday), having less candy is not really a problem - except to him. After all of the trick-or-treating events, he ended up with 110 items in an overflowing plastic pumpkin. They will probably last until next Halloween!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Collecting Leaves

Carter decided that today was a perfect fall day - just right for a romp in the leaves. The catalpa and hackberry trees are shedding their foliage, and the maple leaves are just beginning to drop. After playing outside, Carter made a lovely leaf collage for Lea's office at KU.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Colors

Autumn evokes fond memories of cider mills, magenta and ochre leaves, and chilly evenings back in Michigan. Our ninth fall season in Kansas has replicated some of the Michigan experience, including day after day of steel-grey skies. The maple tree in front of our house has produced glorious colors that you can see in the photo above.