Saturday, November 24, 2007

Holodomor Vigil

Today marks the official beginning of a solemn period for Ukraine: remembering the famine that killed millions from 1932-1933. We have written about this tragic event earlier, and about how it is interpreted by many as a genocide against the Ukrainian people. We have listened to the haunting music piped through the public loudspeakers all day, broadcasting events from Kyiv. Although the Holodomor did not directly affect L'viv, as the city was a part of Poland at the time, several hundred citizens participated in a candlelight vigil, shown in the pictures above and below. Today's commemoration, two days after the Thanksgiving feast, reminds us again (to quote Thomas Herron): "we have alot to be thankful for."

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Lea's Dad said...

It is good there is a national conscience and consciousness over the events of famine and probable genocide. The ability to gather in vigil and the simple beauty of the cemetary candles speaks well of a people. The pictures are great, too.