Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Carter Answers Your Questions about L'viv

Off camera, Erik asks Carter about L'viv...
Erik: "What do you like about being here?"
Carter: "'cause we're gonna take a nap 'cause there's no TV to watch
or... or Colbert or eagle or B or duck."

Carter's response requires a bit of elaboration. Many of you know that Carter is a night owl and not much of a sleeper. He regularly stays up for the Daily Show and Colbert Report back in the US. He is a huge fan of both. He started saying "earth" and pointing to the spinning globe on the Daily Show at 1 1/2. In order to placate him here, we purchased a Sesame Street A to Z video starring Stephen Colbert as the letter Z. He calls the video Colbert, and this has seemed to serve as a temporary substitute, although it is not part of his nightly routine.

The references above are all to Colbert - there is an eagle on the title sequence, and the credits end with a fish swallowing a heron, followed by a letter B swooping across the screen. Carter calls the heron a duck.

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