Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yahoo! I'm Four!

For the last several weeks, Carter has been giddy with anticipation over his upcoming birthday. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said "a chocolate cake." After suggesting that he could get presents, Carter responded "no, I have enough toys. I just want a chocolate cake." Not only did he get a chocolate cake, but Erik agreed to his request to try the cake. Carter has persistently used the power of suggestion with Erik - "try it - you'll like it!" - to convince him to taste chocolate. [Erik has always had a strong aversion to all things chocolate.] While Erik has politely declined in the past, he couldn't say no to tasting Carter's birthday cake.

All day, Carter has been convinced that his new age has conveyed upon him special powers of strength and intelligence. Any accomplishment has been covered by the explanation: "I'm four years old."

Carter had the coveted job of "snack helper" at pre-school, and upon arrival he received a birthday crown. The snack helper not only has a parent assist in the school (today both Erik and Lea attended), but presents during show-and-tell, in addition to helping with the snack. Carter brought his gyroscope and globe. After school, we had lunch and cake with Carter's friend Hayden and his mom. Carter placed the candles on his cake, blew them out, and had a big piece with ice cream and strawberries. Erik had a taste, but was not converted into a chocolate-lover (or even a chocolate tolerator).