Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Fun in the Snow

As the snow has melted and a new snowfall came overnight, an update about Carter in the snow is long overdue. Carter has been enjoying both new snow activities, and some of the same activities, just with the snow. He really liked sledding, and Jani has passed along this video of Carter to share with readers.

Carter's old activities continue as well. A p
hotograph here by Jani shows the boys feeding pigeons. The bird feeding has continued, however, the birds are much more aggressive now, as seemingly Carter and Thomas are the only food providers in L'viv. One day last week, pigeons landed on both Carter's and Thomas' heads. An activity that Carter has feared until lately is the seesaw. He has decided that much of the playground equipment here in L'viv is dangerous. Despite his cousin George's protestations to the contrary, we must agree that some of the equipment is dangerous, as it is broken and no signs of repair have been seen during our stay. At least the snow covers the broken glass and jutting pieces of metal. Suddenly last week, Carter decided that seesaws were acceptable. Here you see him going up and down (courtesy again of Jani).

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