Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Carter Answers Your Questions

We are introducing what we hope will be an ongoing, interactive feature of the blog: "Carter Answers Your Questions." Today's question is "What is your favorite animal?" The transcript follows:

Erik: "Carter, what's your favorite animal?"
Carter: "Koalas."
Erik: "Why?"
Carter "'cause they start the letter k!"

Please submit your questions for Carter to answer. We will post your submissions, and his answers, on future blogs.
Because video clips are large, we can only upload small files. So keep your questions short!


aunt penguin said...

What is Aunt Laura's kitty's name?

Grandpa said...

Carter, what is your favorite dinosaur?

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite place to go in Lviv?

If you get no others, these should be containable

Kristin said...


What is your favorite electoral process?

What is your favorite food which includes mayonnaise?

Why on EARTH do your parents let you watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report?

Aunt Kristin

Scott said...

Does the sky look different than at home?

Scott said...

Cousin George asks if there are playgrounds where Carter is; you know slide down things, climb on different things, go through tunnels; but no dogs, no running, and no using eqipment when it is wet.