Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Carter Answers Your Questions about Oviparous Animals

Recently, Carter decided that he wanted to know which animals lay eggs. This query led us to a wonderful website by a kindergarten teacher that includes a lesson about oviparous animals. Carter likes to play a game where he and the parent of his choice list animals that lay eggs. Frankly, we have learned alot too. Aside from zoologists and parents of toddlers, who knew that the only monotremes (egg-laying mammals) are platypuses and echidnas? [The only reason we know what the latter animal is at all is that the echidna is featured on Carter's "Animals of Australia" jigsaw puzzle.] The video does not feature Carter at his best, as he would only answer questions about these animals and not list them himself.

Lea: "Do platypuses hatch from eggs?"
Carter: "Um... yes."
Lea: "Do alligators hatch from eggs?"
Carter: "Yes."
Lea: "Do kitty cats hatch from eggs?"
Carter: "No."
Lea: "Do horses hatch from eggs?"
Carter: "No."
Lea: "Do caterpillars hatch from eggs?"
Carter: "Yes."
Lea: "Do fish hatch from eggs?"
Carter: "Yes. How about dinosaurs?"
Lea: "Right. Dinosaurs. What else can you think of that hatches from an egg?"
Carter: "Mommy pick."

Lea: "Do birds hatch from eggs?"
Carter: "They do. But they... some... do. How about mommy pick?"

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