Sunday, August 5, 2012

Great Falls

We have almost reached the one-year mark in our two-year DC adventure, but we are still discovering many exciting features of the region. Great Falls National Park has picturesque views, fun rock climbing, and a sprinkling of history. During our Saturday visit, Carter earned another Junior Ranger badge, learning about the Potowmack Canal and the people who created and tended it (you can see a Mason's mark hewn in the stone of a canal lock below). Not only is it a lovely place, but Great Falls is only 15 miles away.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Empire State

Last weekend, we visited Erik's sister and her family on Long Island and did some sightseeing in Manhattan. Carter had strong preferences about what we would see and do in New York, including: 1) earning his Junior Ranger badge at Sagamore Hill; 2) going to the observation deck of the Empire State Building; 3) seeing the Statue of Liberty; and 4) playing on the beach with his cousins. We are happy to report that all missions were accomplished successfully.

Carter accomplished his first objective at Theodore Roosevelt's home and museum nearby his cousins' house. Carter's Uncle Scott is a ranger at the site and gave us a tour as his shift completed. We were fortunate to meet with a sound engineer from the Thomas Edison site who was at Sagamore Hill demonstrating wax cylinders and recording the local TR reenactor.

Later, we took a trip into the city to accomplish all of the other goals. We saw the city from above on the Empire State Building...

...from the water on the Staten Island Ferry...

...and from the middle of Times Square.

We also had a wonderful view of the Statue of Liberty, made more special by the appearance of a War of 1812 tall ship (or what appeared to be one. Erik was especially excited about this sighting given his current 1812 Bicentennial obsession).

Although the weather was not optimal, we even made it to the beach with cousins Jane and George. George taught Carter about the indigenous crabs and fish. They even caught a few and then released them to the wild. Carter loved our adventure in New York - especially because it gave him a chance to see his cousins.