Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Lunch Date

Today, we were invited to lunch at Vice Rector Kyrylych's home. He is a mathematician by training, and he visited us in Kansas a couple of years ago. Erik has seen his lovely family on all of his visits to L'viv. His children are both college-aged, bright, and ambitious, and his wife is a wonderful chef.

Upon our arrival, Carter was immediately enamored of the orange fluffy cat Ruzhe, and the big, friendly dog Linda. Carter has been afraid of dogs since an unfortunate incident at a park in Chelsea (MI) when an inconsiderate dog owner let her animal run loose and it surprised Carter, jumping on him. The dog was small, but still bigger than Carter, and he has been reticent about canines ever since. However, gentle Linda won him over, and Carter stroked her fur and kept asking for her after she went outside. Carter's greatest pleasure was harassing the infinitely patient kitty (see the photo above). The Kyrylychs prepared a delicious meal of borshch, chicken stuffed with mushrooms, potatoes, salads of all kinds, and sweet apple tort for dessert. Carter was particularly grown-up, feeding himself borshch (and spilling just a little), as well as a healthy helping of chicken and potatoes. But, he decided to eat cake on Erik's lap (on the right). We all enjoyed the delicious, hot Ukrainian comfort food, and the warm Ukrainian hospitality, on a cold autumn day.

[Photos courtesy of the Kyrylych family]

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Lea's Dad said...

The picture of Carter by himself is great....good he warmed up to the dog, but now he might get surprised by another dog in a park and then be afraid again....go chase the cat, Carter!!