Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...

It started with a few flakes on Thursday morning, increased in intensity, then dropped off to a continuous light coating until late Friday evening. Our first winter snowstorm covered the streets, sidewalks, parks, and roofs with about 6 inches of wet, white snow. As we quickly discovered, snow removal in L'viv is even more poorly organized than in Lawrence, Kansas. The main difference is that L'viv actually gets snow. As the fluffy stuff started to pile higher, we saw construction equipment moving it from the street to another part of the street in front of our apartment, prompting cars to drive on the sidewalk. The solution? Put some wooden barriers on the sidewalk to dissuade drivers from creating their own detours. Sitting in our apartment late Friday afternoon, we heard a rumbling, then an avalanche as snow poured off of our roof onto unsuspecting pedestrians below. Note to self - don't walk near the buildings after major snowfalls. We canceled our Thursday evening plans instead of trudging through slush, large puddles, and ice (or having Ewa risk her life and limb coming to the center of the city). The sidewalks had become an icy, mushy, messy stream due to the foot traffic.

But Friday morning was perfect sledding weather, so Carter and Lea met Thomas and Jani at the Bogdan Khmelnitsky Park, which has a huge hill just inside the gates leading up to where a statue of Lenin likely stood a couple of decades ago. This majestic hill, with walkways up both sides, was the optimal place in L'viv for a sledding run. Thomas brought his plastic sled, and the boys were off. They loved it! Up and down the hill they went with smiles on their faces and some great wipeouts! After fun in the snow, it was off to Jani and Thomas' apartment for warm soup, play, and a haircut! Thanks to Jani's expert hand, Carter now looks like a little gentleman. The day ended with an appropriate activity - and Carter's favorite new game - dancing on the bed to the song "Snow Day."

[Sledding photo by Jani]

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