Friday, November 9, 2007

Carter Answers Your Questions about Toys

Erik: "Carter, what are you holding?"
Carter: "Sticks."
Erik: "What do you do with the sticks?"
Carter: "Tap them like... this."
Erik: "What else do you do with the sticks?"
Carter: "Do this"
Erik: "Anything else?"
Carter: "Do this... do this... do this... DO THIS... do this... that works nice... [unintelligible]"

Carter has acquired these sticks over time, by taking them from the flags given away by political parties during the election campaign, and from balloons he has collected at various locations. He has several games that he plays with them, making letters, numbers, and shapes, and tapping them (as he demonstrated). Okay, maybe he only has two games with them...

Thanks for your response to our request for questions! Please keep sending them and we will keep asking them. But, it may take a little time to get your answers online as Carter is not always willing to grant interviews.

1 comment:

Grandpa said...

Sticks and bottle caps, toys he makes up are most interesting, considering how much people buy as toys for kids. The box from the toy, some sticks and bottle caps probably do more to develop imagination and ingenuity! Keep having fun, Carter!!