Friday, December 7, 2007

One More Stroll Through Town

On the last day of Lea and Carter's visit to L'viv, we decided to do some of our favorite things one more time. We strolled through the old town, pausing on Rynok Square to feed the birds, and attended a puppet show. Appropriately, the show was a fantasy history of L'viv, starring the royal for whom the city was named and a real lion. The "Dva Levi [Two Lions]" duked it out, then united to beat a common foe. They decided to become friends and allies, with one serving as king of the humans and the other as king of the animals.

Also on the last day, Carter decided to learn the Ukrainian alphabet. Why he waited until the last day, we will never know. He spent time finding the letters in the dictionary, and writing out Ukrainian letters. He now knows several letters, comparing the "Ukrainian" letters with "our" letters.

Erik picked up some cheese for syrniki and made them for dinner. While they are typically a breakfast item, it was a perfect final meal in L'viv. This morning, we loaded everything up in the university van and headed to the airport. Lea and Carter are now on their long journey home.

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