Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Look Familiar?

Erik has an ongoing project - to be photographed in front of Lenin monuments while posing in the same manner as the statue. Today, we visited a new monument in L'viv, dedicated to
Stepan Bandera, the hero/villain of WWII/post-war era resistance fighters (whether he is hero or villain depends on your perspective). Erik immediately noticed that the pose was quite similar to a Lenin statue that he had seen on another trip - the one pictured to the left in Tsyurupinsk, Ukraine. The juxtaposition suggests similarities, but this cannot have gone unnoticed by the Ukrainian monument designers. Why create a reverential public space for a local hero that looks very much like the same spaces the Soviets designed for Lenin - especially when that local hero was vehemently anti-Soviet?

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Vlamider said...

Such in russia, ukranian life happens that so often bandits of yesteday becomes to be the nowdays hero.
Post soviet counties history changes day after day.And every of the histrory makes new heroes from the old bandits... But manners are the some...