Thursday, December 20, 2007

The End of an Adventure

Erik begins his journey home tomorrow morning. He decided to hit some of his favorite spots today, walking around Prospekt Svobody and Rynok Square, strolling by the Halitskiy Market, and of course, visiting Tsukernya for one last piece of Viennese cheesecake with peaches, smothered in warm vanilla sauce. He "closed up shop," cleaning out the apartment, paying the final bills, and packing all of his bags.

The semester in L'viv has been enlightening, productive, frustrating, challenging, and a truly worthwhile experience personally and professionally.
Carter grew up into a little boy - showing tremendous physical, intellectual, and emotional maturation. L'viv became a second home as we graduated from neophytes to grizzled veterans, navigating the twisting and turning old cobblestone streets; riding the tramvais, trolleybuses, and marshrutkas all over town; figuring out which vendors in the markets had better prices and products; and generally managing daily life in an alien environment. Our many friends were a great help in this process, making sure that we were doing well every step of the way, and also showing us some of the sights.

We will continue to post about our adventures, though the locales may be less exotic and the updates less frequent. Thanks for sharing this semester's experience with us!

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Grant said...

Your blog was probably the most up-to-the-minute news feed of what was really happening in Lviv. Hope it was rewarding both personally and professionally, and that all your visitors had as positive experience in Lviv & Ukraine as we did when we visited back in September. Sto lat!