Thursday, October 14, 2010

Caterpillar or Butterfly?

Carter has adopted a new personal philosophy. Working in the garden with Lea, he discovered cabbage caterpillars chowing down on our leafy greens. He decided to raise them in a container and learned about different kinds of caterpillars as the population changed over the course of the summer. Some of his caterpillars turned into tiny butterflies, others into moths. Some created their cocoons/chrysalises on the wall of the plastic cup, others under some soil. He raised and released many winged "babies." He decided that one can live life as a caterpillar - not doing much but sitting around and eating - or a butterfly - exploring the world. He prefers the latter.

In addition to raising creatures from our garden, Carter participated in the local Monarch Watch, and released his monarch after it hatched in September. In the photo immediately below, Carter appears to have a horrified expression. In fact, he is trying to stop himself from laughing as the monarch tickles his shoulder.

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