Sunday, May 2, 2010

Piano Party

Carter began studying piano a few months ago and he performed in his first recital today. His teacher, Rachel, wisely pitched the event as a "piano party" at her house. Formal recitals, like those at which Erik performed for many years as a child, are wonderful and challenging events. But, with the low stress of the party, Carter experienced no stage fright - bounding up to the piano to play "Old MacDonald." The video is above; below you see him relaxing after completing his piece.


Grandpa said...

Cool playing, Carter. What was that funny sound you made part way through your Old McDonald?

Kristin said...

Wonderful and challenging? I HATED playing in those recitals. Remember the order was based on how good you were?! That's a big part of why I quite playing.

Erik, Lea, and Carter Herron said...

It was good to be challenged to perfect a piece and formally play it in front of a crowd. I was always nervous, but it was a good experience (certainly in retrospect). I recall the order primarily as driven by age, which was highly correlated to skill. However, (perceived) skill was a factor as it was not solely based on age.