Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Business and Pleasure

Erik had back-to-back conferences in Chicago over the past week, so the whole family took a trip to the Windy City. While Erik was in sessions, Lea and Carter had a great time in the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, and other sites around town. We also had a chance to visit some friends and relatives. Photos and brief comments follow.

Unfortunately, we had a couple of days with cold, windy, and rainy conditions.

However, we had more days with sunny weather (it was still chilly and windy, though).

Carter loved the "bean" in Millenium Park, giving it high fives...

...dancing under it...

...mugging with his friend Nina...

...and posing nicely with her.

Carter was energetic during the whole trip.

Lea, Nina, Carter, and Misa (Erik's friend and regular co-author) pose among the lovely tulips.

We also had a chance to see Erik's brother Brett and his wife Nina.

We visited the Children's Museum with our friends Harry and Elizabeth along with their son Jasper (above).

Nina and Carter were serious paleontologists at the Children's Museum.


Kristin said...

Where are the photos of Brett and Nina's house! I was counting on you to share them.

Erik, Lea, and Carter Herron said...

The house is really nice, but I didn't take photos of it. Instead of snapping pics, we just enjoyed the tour. The house is still a bit empty since they have not fully moved in and are still doing work on it (painting, etc.).