Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bottlecap Earth

What do you do with hundreds of bottlecaps? We have been asking that question since Carter began his collection when we lived in L'viv. He recently decided to make them his artistic medium, creating pseudo-mosaics (with the help of his father). His first effort is above - a rainbow and his school. Below is his current masterpiece, still sitting on our living room floor. The bottlecap earth not only includes major landmasses, but also his favorite geographic landmarks of the moment. You can clearly see South Georgia Island off of the coast of South America, as well as Kerguelen Island in the Indian Ocean. A spot more difficult to see is the Ilemi Triangle in Africa - denoted by a small red bottlecap.

1 comment:

Grandpa said...

Nice work, Carter (and Dad). I bet it is more interesting to do scuplptures than to lay the caps out in rows of 100. So, the Ilemi triangle made it. What about the Dragon's triangle?