Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Vacation, Part 4: Friends and Family

The main reason for our travels was to see our friends and families. While Carter was happy to see grandparents and aunts on both sides of the family (and uncles on Erik's side), he was especially keen on visiting with his cousins (all of them are pictured above). He had a grand time playing games, painting pictures, and attending the Manchester Fair's opening parade.

Carter goofing off with his cousins.

Eagerly awaiting candy at the parade.

Our quick trip did not allow us to reconnect with all of our friends, but we were able to see a few. Carter especially enjoyed playing with Taso, the son of one of Erik's school friends with whom he recently reconnected. Carter adores Taso, and the two pretended that they were lions in the tall grass, chased butterflies, and romped in the sprinkler.

Smelling wildflowers.

Carter lion in the tall grass.

A short break before chasing butterflies.

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