Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Monsoon season continues in L'viv, with light and heavy rain all yesterday and much of today. We have focused on rainy-day activities, like painting. Carter made a nice pterodactyl (according to his own description) and many other works of art.

We ventured out between raindrops yesterday to visit with Thomas and Jani at the British Council office at the university. The British Council supports the study of English language (and the UK) abroad, among other things. The office at IFNU is quite nice, with a library of English-language books for all ages, CDs, DVDs, and several computers with access to the Internet and various proprietary databases. We spent time in the kids' room reading many books with Britishisms like mum, wellies, and nappies. Thomas is quite familiar with these terms, but they are alien to Carter. Lea has joked with Jani that they are the only moms with native English-speaking toddlers in L'viv, yet they speak different languages!

Of course, the rain stopped during Carter's nap today. Once he awoke, we dashed outside to get some air, feed some very hungry birds (evidently, no one fed them today due to the rain and their formations were reminiscent of Hitchcock), and grab a bite to eat. We picked up some takeout from the Cake Place as a rainy day treat, then headed home in the light rain.

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