Saturday, September 15, 2007

All About Carter

Some of this blog's discriminating readership wants to hear about the political climate in Ukraine, the socioeconomic problems facing L'viv, and other issues of this nature. Most readers primarily look forward to updated, cute photos of Carter. Since tomorrow's entry will be dedicated to the former (as the president is scheduled to speak outside of our apartment tonight), today's blog is dedicated to the latter.

Some of you have asked how Carter is doing and how his time is spent. Fortunately, he has adjusted to this move better than his parents. Carter spends a great deal of time with his English-speaking friend Thomas (at right). Their adventures nearly always include Carter's favorite L'viv activity, contributing to the obesity problem of Ukrainian fowl. There are pigeons to feed, swans to feed, and ducks to feed. Unfortunately, that seems to cover the entire range of L'viv's bird species except for "little tiny birds" spotted at the bus station, likely sparrows. The boys also enjoy reading books, playing in playgrounds, and their latest activity, collecting conkers.

Now, many of you might ask, as did Carter's parents, what are conkers? They are known in the US as horse chestnuts, and for those to the south of the location of the Great Toledo War, buckeyes. Carter's maternal grandfather will be quite displeased to hear Carter refer to them by their British name, but his paternal grandparents will most certainly be pleased to hear that he is not uttering the word "buckeye."

L'viv is the "City of Lions." Lion sculptures and decorations are scattered about everywhere. In August, L'viv unveiled the "Lions on Parade" in Market Square. Many cities around the world have commissioned artists to decorate animal sculptures - in Lawrence there were Jayhawks on Parade, in Chicago there were cows - L'viv's has its lions decorated by various local sponsors and artists. You can see Carter here with one of the permanent lions just feet from the parade. Carter attended the opening of the parade in August, but due to the crowds, he could not see them well and did not seem interested. Our return to the lion habitat resulted in great glee, and many shouts of "more lions." Carter picked out a refrigerator magnet with his favorite lion, decorated by the L'viv Brewery, but his choice was not influenced in any way by his father.

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Anonymous said...

Conkers is a funnier name than buckeye, but what is the game called conkers? Or is it just throwing them at one another? They are actually from different species of the same buckeye family. The horsechestnut is imported from Europe and the true buckeye is American and called sweet buckeye and there is another called Ohio buckeye! But, back to Carter and his fun feeding the would probably love feeding gulls with your grandmother! She will feed the birds with you, Carter. You must be learning some interesting British words for things, too.
His Buckeye Grandpa