Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Water Woes

"Every year, the municipal workers of L'viv prepare the water system for the winter." We are not sure what that means precisely, except that it was the reason given to us (and many others in town) for the spigots running dry from some time before we woke up until about 6pm today. We are ready for showers, dish washing, and a load of laundry! We are working on this project right now, while the water lasts!
During the day, we visited a store that was something like Big Lots meets Aldi (with an East European twist). Anatoliy Romanyuk took us since it is a membership store and he has an entry card (also, he kindly offered to help us find some supplies). Upon arrival, we found out that the store does not admit any children under six years of age, so Erik and Carter stayed in a cramped playroom with the disinterested young staff and several small kids watching videos and playing with toys. They colored pictures, counted, and organized the toys (Carter's idea). We found most of the items on our list (house supplies like large glasses, a chopping knife, and, of course, diapers) and were even given a free bottle of champagne because our purchase was so large. Some items were evasive and may not be available here; we will simply adjust our habits in their absence (what we would give for a rubber spatula!). The store was incredibly crowded and simply crazy - it took 45 minutes just to stand in line at the checkout!

Of course, after dinner we took a stroll and fed the birds!


taehyun said...

Look at that smile! Priceless.

Kristin said...

Can a rubber spatula be mailed to you? And get to you before you leave...?

formerly Uh Uh said...

It looks like he is having the time of his life. Take that Macaw!