Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rainy Day

It was a rainy day on the streets of L'viv and we had just a few chances to get outside to "go feed birds," among other tasks, in between the raindrops. So, we spent most of the day inside. Carter worked on his new - and very challenging - dinosaur puzzle. Erik spent alot of time on his manuscript. Lea worked on cooking projects.

Last night, we went in search of baking powder. We did not know the term in Ukrainian, and Erik tried to explain it to a woman in the market. She thought it was "powder of baking," although that word for powder has many uses, including tooth powder and laundry powder. But it seemed the best guess, and was only $.10, so we thought we would try to make rhubarb cobbler. We found a biscuit recipe on the internet to use as the topping, as we would normally do at home. As Lea began the project, she quickly realized that she had nothing to measure with - everything had to be approximate. She tried to cook it in the convection oven, but could only figure out one temperature setting - H. Although the biscuit topping did not rise, it cooked through and was tasty. For the price you pay for baked goods here, our baking days may be over! Lea also prepared a light, fresh, and tasty salad with onions, tomatoes, parsley (2 bunches for $.20) and fresh sheep's milk cheese that we bought the other day at the local market. Tomorrow, we will make applesauce.

A brief note about L'viv. You can find alot of information about the city on the web, but the UCSB oral history site has an organized, short history. It is also a Unesco World Heritage site.

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