Sunday, August 22, 2010

Busker Fest

All year long, Lawrence hosts a wide range of fantastic, quirky events: the Old Fashioned Christmas Parade, Art Togeau, and this weekend's Busker Fest, among many others. We watched three great performances: Periko el Payaso Loko (a juggler), MamaLou (a strong woman), and Voler (aerial acrobats). Photos and comments are below.

We recently attended a local juggling performance, and the juggler built up to five - and then six - balls. This juggler started with five and the ball count went up from there. The photo above shows him handling seven.

He also juggled several flaming batons.

MamaLou had an engaging stage presence while performing many old school feats of strength.

Voler shared fabulous acrobatic feats while suspended from the roof of Lawrence's Art Center.

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