Friday, January 15, 2010

Update from Kyiv

Erik has been working on various research projects in Kyiv since his arrival on Sunday. Although he has struggled to set up meetings this trip (sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't...), he has also made progress. In addition to work-related activities, he was able to catch up with old friends as well. Below are some photos and commentary from the week.

St. Michael's monastery is one of the many lovely sights in Kyiv. Here it is framed by steel-grey skies and ample piles of snow.

Another Kyiv landmark - one of our favorites - is St. Andrew's Church and the path alongside it called Adriivskiy Uzviz/Andreyevskiy Spusk (Andrew's Descent). You can see a panoramic from a hill along the way at the top of this post (click on it for a larger image).

Erik followed a treacherous path down Andrew's Descent, nearly falling a couple of times.

Andrew's Descent hosts a daily market, with artwork and various souvenirs. Few vendors were out during this walk, probably because it was a weekday, as well as cold and windy.

Erik attended a press conference of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine to learn about issues associated with the election.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs clearly signaling its orientation, with the EU flag flying alongside the Ukrainian flag. This election will influence how Ukraine develops its international profile in the next few years.

A few candidates loom over Kyiv on giant billboards. This one is for Sergey Tihipko.

Yuliya Tymoshenko's image is ubiquitous.

Generally campaign tents cluster together by ideology (so, a Tymoshenko tent sits next to a Narodniy Rukh tent (another party supporting her)). Here the two main rivals coexist side-by-side.

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