Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lithuania Adventure, Part 8: Final Images

The weather was glorious on Erik's last day in Lithuania, and he spent some time strolling about making final observations. An important landmark that Erik had not yet visited was the Hill of the Three Crosses. Legend says that the monument was originally erected to honor Franciscan monks who were murdered by local pagans in the 14th century. While this story may not be true, an early 20th century monument was destroyed in the Soviet period, and a new version was restored in 1989 as the Soviet Union was approaching its collapse.

The top of the Hill of the Three Crosses features another fantastic view of the Old Town, probably the best in Vilnius. Erik was blissfully alone at the summit; none of the German tourists who dominate the hotel's breakfast buffet were anywhere in sight.

While Erik's attention was generally focused on the panorama, he also noticed a fellow visitor on the ground - a large snail returning home into a crack in the pavement.

It took a week, but Erik finally made it to the main market when it was open. There is perhaps no better window into daily life than the market. He wandered about, snapping photos and watching people go about their business. After packing up and having a meal at Alaus Namai, it will be off to the airport for the trip home.

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