Saturday, December 27, 2008

Carter's Perspective

Carter only wanted one present for Christmas, a "hard globe" (i.e., not an inflatable one). Santa Claus fulfilled this wish. As Carter was going to sleep on Christmas night, Erik asked him "Was there anything you wanted for Christmas that you didn't get?" Carter replied, "No. All I wanted was a hard globe."

Despite his modest list, Carter was lavished with other gifts. One of our favorites was a kid's digital camera. He has taken to recording the world from his perspective; all of the following shots are Carter's with no parental editing.

Our Tree

Grandpa and Nana Bistak

Cousin George

Daddy (Erik)

Mommy (Lea)

Grandpa H


Cousin Amelia

1 comment:

Uncle Scott said...

Nice shots, Carter. You captured an image of the rare and elusive Cousin George. Nice to see you in Michigan!

Uncle Scott