Friday, October 31, 2008

"Gonna Eat 'Em All Up...

...just as soon as they turn blue." The immortal words of Buckner and Garcia truly inspired Carter's Halloween costume design. A few weeks ago, we asked Carter what he would like to be for Halloween. His response: "A Pac-Man power dot!" Did he want to be Pac-Man or a ghost? No, he wanted to be the dot that Pac-Man eats, enabling him to consume the ghosts. We were skeptical at first, attempting to persuade him to be something else. An astronaut or cat perhaps (since we already had those costumes)? No. We even tried to use his love of geography, attempting to persuade him to be a country of his choice. His response, "This year, I will be a Pac-Man power dot. Next year, I will be Indonesia." We eventually realized that the power dot was a conceptually brilliant choice. With a couple dollars worth of foam core, markers, velcro, and an exacto knife, Erik and Carter put the costume together.

Halloween started early in Lawrence, with special events at Prairie Park and the residence halls on the Sunday prior to the holiday. Carter and Erik wandered through the nature center trails, encountering characters from fairy tales distributing candy. Carter met mermaids, trolls, nymphs, witches, and Robin Hood (who went out of character to express his fondness for Pac-Man). Unfortunately, Sunday was cold and extremely windy. Poor Carter was chilled to the bone after the park, and was unsure of trick-or-treating at the residence halls. Erik convinced him to give it a try, and he was rewarded amply for this choice. Erik and Lea agree that he was rewarded too amply.

The young women of Corbin and GSP halls were charmed by Carter, lavishing praise on his outfit (it is definitely 80s-retro cool), snapping his photo, and giving him candy... lots of candy. Carter was thrilled by the attention, and became an expert at knocking on the door, saying "trick or treat," and holding out his plastic jack-o-lantern for prizes. By the end of the evening, Erik carried the pumpkin bucket because it was too heavy - laden with 80 pieces of candy. We know that there were 80 because upon his arrival home, Carter held a census. While we hoped to give some of it away on Halloween day, Carter knows every piece that he received and has set up a plan for when he will eat each piece.

Halloween day trick-or-treating venues were at school and in the neighborhood. Carter's pre-school invited all of the kids to come in costume and march in a parade. Carter's friends dressed as a robot, turtle, witch, spider, and other creatures. In the evening, Lea and Carter took advantage of the gorgeous weather to stroll from house to house, politely requesting candy. Erik stayed home to pass out treats. After an hour or so, Lea and Carter returned to conduct a final candy tally. The total? 110 pieces!

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