Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pac-Man Fever

It all started with a visit to a restaurant with our friends Jill, Theresa, and their son Julian. Theresa showed Carter a video game console featuring Pac-Man, and he was intrigued by the little yellow guy and ghosts. When Erik showed Carter the old station wagon decorated with a Pac-Man stencil that parks near his campus office, it became the phenomenon that you can see in the photos and video below. Not pictured are the paintings Carter made for Paul before our pear-picking excursion (Pac-Man eating a pear and popsicle).


EliAmeIvy said...

That pac-man fever. It's driving him crazy! BTW, I actually blogged today. I'm sure you have been checking daily. Thanks for being a better blogger so we can read about your exploits.

Gwyndolyn said...

Professor Herron,
Hi, this is Gwyndolyn. I hope you are having a great time on your trip. I just wanted you to know the Pac-Man car belongs to one of my best friends. She will be overly thrilled to know the joy your son gets from her interesting taste! :) That is so cool! And, what a coincidence that I saw just happened to look at these pictures. You are awesome.