Tuesday, May 27, 2008

...Libya and Mongolia...

While Erik was in Kazakhstan, visiting his fifth country featured in They Might Be Giants' song "Alphabet of Nations," Carter and Lea attended a performance by the band at Kansas City's inaugural Jiggle Jam, a music festival for children. You can see Carter here, flanked by members of the band. For Carter, the highlight of the day seemed to be running around the Crown Center fountain, which wore him out enough that he slept all the way home.

This event had to be followed up the next day by a visit to the outdoor pool in Lawrence.
The week while daddy was in Kazakhstan (in Asia, as Carter would explain to everyone) was busy, interrupted occasionally by some typical Kansas spring weather. Carter hiked around the lake at Prairie Park on Tuesday and Thursday, had a visit from Grandpa, Nana, and Aunt Laura, and attended music class. He also spent a bit of time working in the yard, collecting maple seeds and pulling creeping charlie. Indoors, he has learned his states, and spent a bit of time this week on one of his latest endeavors - learning the provinces and territories of Canada.

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