Tuesday, April 15, 2008

UP the Chicken Soupy Nile...

Carter's most recent quest is to get in contact with Maurice Sendak. As we have mentioned before, he reads and memorizes books, and his current favorite is Sendak's Chicken Soup with Rice. Encouraged by Lea, Carter began to play with the words after dozens of repetitions, substituting alternatives for the official text. It began in a simple way - with substitutions for rice (noodles, barley, octopus). Carter upped the ante by changing other parts of the text as well. He decided that September's rhyme is made better by replacing "...down the chicken soupy Nile..." with "...up the chicken soupy Nile..." For reasons only a 3-year-old can comprehend, this is hilarious. So confident is Carter in his word choice that he has decided that we should "call Maurice Sendak and ask why it isn't UP the chicken soupy Nile." Below you can see him reciting September (with Sendak's official prose) and October.


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grandpa said...

Carter, you are too funny! His word replacements are like taking a musical piece and making it a jazz piece. variations on the theme, three year old style.