Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

Since Leap Day comes but once every four years, we wanted to mark this special extra day. We could not think of any particularly unusual jumping activities, and we did not want to dine on frogs, rabbits, or grasshoppers (a Bistak family tradition is to eat appropriate foods on all holidays, like heart on Valentine's Day). Although not all leaping foodsources are prohibited on a Lenten Friday, we decided to pass on the holiday cuisine.

Instead, we just made sure to have some fun. Lea and Carter went to the lake at Prairie Park since it was seasonably warm (this winter has been unseasonably cold, so a day with normal temperatures felt downright balmy). Erik and Carter made banana bread later in the day and Carter was a great sous chef, mashing the bananas, grating the zest,
and stirring all of the ingredients. His verdict on the final product? "This is awesome!"

We wish a Happy Leap Day to everyone!

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